Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Current Magazine Adverts

Below are some album adverts from the magazine 'Rock Sound'. Inside the magazine was several adverts for new albums and they were all of the same genre of our band. This was a very advantageous piece of research from Jacob, who bought the magazine, as it provided us with some ideas of how to lay out our magazine in terms of fonts, layouts, advertisements, colours, etc. Here are some of the magazine adverts below.
This first magazine advert took up a whole page in Rock Sound magazine but the genre of this advert is more gothic than what our advert will be. The font at the top looks like its written in chalk. The images on the advert include a small picture of the album but the band is in the background. This advert also contains tour dates which i don't think we will be including in our magazine advert but the idea of showing where to buy it from is something i think we should consider.
The advert above only took up a small slice of the page but doesn't show the album or digipak in it at all. It contains the band posing for the picture. The feature I like about this advert is the release date is clear to see and so it should be as its the most important feature of any digipak advert as you are meant to be making sales, so to do this your target audience need to know when the release date is.
Out of the four magazine adverts i can see that this advert i aimed at a different audience compared to our digipak and the other three adverts on this blog. The font used is bold and plain which shows that their audience don't care about being different as the name of the band and the release date can be clearly seen along with a small image of the album in the bottom right corner.
Out of the four adverts this would be my favourite as it has a nice clear layout and the font used help to add mystery to this advert. The most clear and largest text on the advert is the name of the artist which is next to the picture of the album. Once again the release date is clear to see which is another piece of evidence of why we should include the release date in our advert. The background is black and the main lure of the advert comes from the name of the artist which is in large bold white letters. But once again the effect on the font helps to make this advert more effective in capturing the attention of any potential reader.

I feel that i magazine advert will have to lure the attention of the reader to turn them from a potential customer into a buying customer. From looking at these adverts I can see that we only need to put across the important facts of the digipak, like release date and artist. I would strongly put across to the group the importance of this as it would be pointless not to include this information.

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